My Story

Committed to Inspiring Change

In the last 15 years, I've worked for a variety of employers including the British Army and I've always been the "ideas" person. Seeing an issue and wanting to see it work better, whilst helping people has always been my passion.


I proudly served with the British Army for just shy of 10 years, unfortunately suffered with a mental health incident during this time and found myself taking a downward spiral...


I decided I needed to put ME first. Then I became a mother and that went out the window! (lol)

After a troubling pregnancy I was lucky enough to have a beautiful baby girl and I put US first for the first 6 months, before wondering what to do next. I realised there was very little, in the way of Flexible working - which I felt I needed as a first time mummy and also a Military spouse. So I decided to do something about it! I started my 2nd Business journey - creating an outsourcing agency that could support a flexible workforce into employment and also support Businesses both affordably, and flexibly. It worked! It is a thriving business and I have a strong team... all whilst I managed to remain part time right up to when my daughter started Nursery fully.

Whilst on this huge rollercoaster ride forming this new "next big thing" I kept being asked for more and more advice and business guidance and being told, time and time again - THANK YOU! Ps you should be a coach or a mentor! So I took that leap and here I am.  

I run 2 companies presently:

Dolphin Outsourcing Ltd

Especially UK Business CIC

I'm not here to be false, or pretend to be a Billionaire or earning £7 figures from my business, I'm here to be straight with you. There is no "quick fix", 1 size fits all programme - because, we're all different! We have different ideas of what we want our lives to look like, what we want to achieve, how we want to get there... I'm here to make that a reality by working WITH you to achieve your goals. I'm here to help you solve the problem's you're facing in your business.