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Growing your business - time to soar!

A free webinar discussing: Employing vs Outsourcing to grow

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I do love to help! So I've set up a day time and evening session FREE to discuss the choice you have to make when you want to grow your business. At some point in business, you have to make that really very HARD decision to work with other people... to share your business. Or... decide that you are quite happy where you are. It may sound brutal.... but remember - there are only so many hours in a day! In this webinar I'll be discussing the choices, exploring those choices and answering your questions over those 2 choices: 1. Outsourcing 2. Employing I've set it up for 1hr, which should be plenty of time - unless there are lots of questions! If there is anything I can't answer during the webinar, I'll follow up via email.

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